Game-Day Girls

The First Ladies of Sports

The First Ladies of Sports
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*---Welcome to Game-day Girls!---*

Idea: This is a LJ community created for female sports fans. All sports boards have their positive points, but almost all of them are 90% males. The result is feeling slightly out of place and withholding comments. So, I created this community. We are a premiery female sports community, geared towards any and all sports. So, come in, take a look around and please, feel free to join the community!


1. Be kind to your fellow fans. No flaming or rudeness will be tolerated, period.
2. Stay on-topic. I'm not too picky about this, but just don't go totally off-base.
3. Respect others' opinions, no matter how they differ from your own.
4. Put pictures larger then 400x400 or any post with multiple pictures behind a cut.
5. In general try not to post rumors, but if you really want to then make sure you label it a rumor in your post.
6. Just use common sense and we'll be cool.


1. Any sports related news/stories/opinions/pictures, ect.
1. Deabting opinions on games/teams/players/ect. Just keep it nice, and don't bite each other's heads off.
2. Hot men threads... the boys can have their cheerleaders, so we get this. *laughs* Just don't let it overrun, okay?
3. Advertising for new communities, as long as they are related to sports in some way.
4. Pretty much anything somewhat sports-related that is directly banned (see below).

Not Allowed:

1. Lies. If it's a rumor and you say so, that's fine. If you present it like a fact and I find out (and I WILL check) then it will be deleted. Do this repetitively and action will be taken.
2. Anti-something threads. Sure, we all have teams/players/coaches we hate, but there is no reason to purposely make anyone angry. If you are unhappy with something, you can post it and why, and have a debate. Just plain "I hate the [rival team]!" for no reason other then rivalry or personal vendetta will be deleted.
3. Anything stupid/rude/off-topic.


That boring stuff aside, welcome and I hope you enjoy the community! Feel free to contact me if you need anything.

-Birdy, your loving mod-friend.
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